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What is Behaviorally Healthy?

The definition of a behaviorally healthy pet is more than the absence of behavior problems.  It is the presence of normal and acceptable pet conduct that enhances the human-animal bond and the pet’s quality of life.

Qualities of Healthy Behavior:

  • Affectionate without being needy
  • Are friendly and tolerant of people, including children and members of their own species
  • Enjoy and/or tolerate normal everyday handling and interactions
  • Eliminate only in acceptable areas
  • Adapt to change with minimal problems
  • Play well with others without becoming uncontrollable or rough
  • Are not dangerous to the community

At Green Planet Pet Center, we employ positive, reward-based training techniques.  This approach preserves the dog’s confidence and trust in you, enabling you to foster a relationship that is happy and cooperative, resulting in a behaviorally healthy pet.

Our program provides the necessary tools for success, and the most important tools are your desire, time, patience and commitment. For a comprehensive list of program options,
please see our Canine Services.

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