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Canine Services

Our Approach:

We see our engagement with you as a journey we take together. We partner with you in order to empower you to hone the skills required to achieve your goals for your dog and family. We are advocates of Positive Training techniques that focus on rewarding desirable behaviors, increasing confidence and happy cooperation, resulting in a behaviorally healthy pet.

All In- Home Sessions Include:

  • Private consultation consisting of observation, needs assessment, and an action plan tailored to specific needs.
  • One on One counseling and demonstration of dog care and training skills and techniques.
  • Phone consultation to address concerns, check progress, and clarify techniques.

Head Start for Pups:

  • Puppy-proofing your home environment
  • Welcoming/acclimating your new puppy
  • Puppy house training
  • Puppy crate training

Canine Charm School ( for Puppies and Adult Dogs)l

Canine Charm School ( for Puppies and Adult Dogs):

  • Basic Obedience-Sit, down, stay, come wait, and loose leash walking
  • Manners-to prevent and/or correct jumping, barking, begging, and other nuisance behaviors

Clean and Clipped-Basic Care:

  • Dog Bathing
  • Dog Nail Clipping
  • Dog Ear Cleaning

Additional/Specialized Services:

Dog Selection Consultations

Integrating Dogs with Children newborns, toddlers, preschoolers


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